Whiskey Tasting – Quick Thought #1 “Start with pen and paper”

Start with pen and paper…..

In our first blog on collecting whiskey called “Pearl Diver” (part 1) we listed one of the first suggested golden rules, which was the to ‘Document Diligently’ in order to improve collection success. When it comes to whiskey tasting and appreciation we believe that this is equally, if not more important.

Over a very short period of time you can improve your nose and palate dramatically with one simple tactic and that is for every whiskey you try have pen and paper to hand and force yourself to try and put names to every smell and taste element in the whiskey. The expressions you will find yourself uttering most often is “What the hell is that….” and ” I know that but I cant put a name on it” but over time, with practice and dedicated effort, you will find yourself answering these questions more often with more confidence.

Compare your notes with the experts. Both the range and depth of your aroma and taste dictionary will develop fast in this way.  At first this can feel strange for some and embarrassing for others. Look around at the next whiskey tasting event and see how many people are taking detailed tasting notes. Very few, if any, is the answer.

At least try it in the privacy of your own home and I promise you it works wonders, over time, for the development of your whiskey appreciation skills.!!!

In follow on Quick Thoughts we will be revisiting this subject of documentation a few times and looking at how it links up with identifying styles and also how it helps with brand comparison and blind tasting.

Next time, in Whiskey Tasting Quick Thought #2 we will be talking about Jeyes Fluid and Carbolic Soap.. will makes sense .. I hope!

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