–       “Clan Colla Irish Whiskey” and “Xin Gin” are the first products launched by newly established McAllister Irish Spirits

–       McAllister Irish Spirits was founded and created by husband and wife duo, Gareth and Michelle McAllister

–       “Clan Colla Whiskey” will be available as a 19 Year Old Single Malt and 11 Year Old Blend

–        “Xin Gin” is inspired by Gareth and Michelle’s time living in Asia

–       This product announcement follows the launch of their plans to build an eco-distillery powered by renewable energy in Ahascragh, Co. Galway



McAllister Irish Spirits is proud to present their Family Bond series of hand-selected releases, Clan Colla Irish Whiskey and Xin Gin. The launch of McAllister Irish Spirits’ first products and the commencement of construction on the new whiskey and gin distillery in the village of Ahascragh, County Galway, marks the beginning of the company’s ambitious journey. 


While waiting for the first drop of spirit to be made at the Ahascragh Distillery, McAllister Irish Spirits is launching the Family Bond series of hand selected releases including Clan Colla 19 Year Old Single Malt and 11 Year Old Blend and Xin Gin. These special releases, although not distilled in Ahascragh, are partly matured, finished, and blended by McAllister Irish Spirits and bottled in the village. 


Gareth McAllister said  For our first release we wanted to launch a premium Irish whiskey from our aged sourced stock. We hand selected some fantastic casks and finished them with different wood and seasoned casks. The legacy of ‘Clan Colla’ can now continue with this exceptional golden liquid.”


Michelle McAllister added “Xin Gin is quite personal for Gareth and I. The bottle tells our story with elements of our two homes, Asia and Ireland. The colour red symbolises good luck and joy. The celtic swirls are a nod to our Irish heritage while the hearts represent our love for Asia. 

The recipe is based on my passion for cooking using both Asian and Irish ingredients. Persimmon fruit adds a sweet honey flavour and cinnamon, a touch of spice. Xin Gin is silky smooth with a subtle kick to it. Exactly how I enjoy my drinks.” 



The McAllister name can be traced back to Irish whiskey making in the 1800s. McAllister’s Clan Colla whiskey was known far and wide. However, at the turn of the century, the fall of Irish whiskey took Clan Colla with it. Now, McAllister Irish Spirits are it. The name derives from Irish legends of The Three Collas. Colla Uais, Colla Fo Chrí and Colla Menn were three brothers who conquered and ruled over most of Ireland. From The Three Collas descended the noble families of Ireland and Scotland, the “Clan Colla”. The McAllisters are one such family. 


The 19 Year Old Single Malt was distilled in 2001 and represents an extremely limited release. This sourced release from McAllister Irish Spirits spent 19 years in first fill American White Oak Bourbon Casks, before being finished in Spanish Oloroso Butts from Jerez.


The 11 Year Old Blend  is a smooth yet complex blend of malt and grain whiskeys. This sourced malt has been double distilled, blended with grain, triple casked in ex Bourbon Barrels, Oloroso Sherry Butts and Peated Casks, and aged for 11 years. 


Available to purchase at Coming soon to all good stockists in Ireland. 



Xin’s creators, Michelle and Gareth McAllister, have Irish blood, and Asian hearts. After spending many years in Asia, they wanted to merge what they loved about their two homes. The word itself means ‘heart’ or ‘feelings’ in Mandarin. The design of the bottle, with ancient celtic swirls contrasted with a modern eastern aesthetic reflects the liquid inside – a perfect balance of European and Oriental botanicals. The cross shaped label represents a promise to stay connected and a crossing point of the two cultures.


Michelle McAllister has created a juniper-led dry gin with fresh citrus notes of orange zest and lemongrass combined with the exotic taste of the Asian fruit, persimmon, held by an earthy, herbaceous undertone of dill and cinnamon spice. 


Available to purchase at Coming soon to all good stockists in Ireland. 

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