New Website for McConnell’s Irish Whisky

The ongoing resurgence of McConnell’s Irish Whisky continues almost 250 years after it was Born in Belfast in 1776, with the launch of a new website to tell the story of the legendary whisky.

Since McConnell’s was re-launched in 2020, communications have been developed to convey the essence of McConnell’s as a brand. The new website reflects contemporary life in Belfast while still maintaining McConnell’s traditional Belfast heritage.

Reviewing the new McConnell’s Irish Whisky website are (L-R) Stephen McKechnie from SMK Creations, John Kelly, CEO at Belfast Distillery Company, Darragh Neely from Darragh Neely Designs and Sarah Kennedy, Brand Ambassador at McConnell’s Irish Whisky

The team at Belfast Distillery Company have been working on ways to share the McConnell’s story which began in 1776. Those behind the revamp were careful to ensure the true essence of the brand would remain within today’s contemporary world. The website will be the first port of call for many who are just finding out about McConnell’s and the journey from 18th Century spirits grocers to now bringing whisky distilling back to Belfast in the 21st Century.

The Belfast Born branding, which has been developed with Darragh Neely Design, is brought to life on the new website, produced by SMK Creations with the goal of creating a virtual home for fans of the McConnell’s Irish Whisky portfolio.

The website will help consumers learn the history of McConnell’s Irish Whisky, as well as sharing all the latest news. The website will be a one-stop shop for whisky lovers to find out more about the McConnell’s portfolio, where to purchase, and to learn more about ways to consume. Continuing its nod to the hometown of Belfast, consumers can try their hands at McConnell’s signature serves which include ‘The Belfast Old Fashioned’ and ‘The Dunbar Street Sour’.

Sarah Kennedy, Brand Ambassador at McConnell’s Irish Whisky explained the purpose of the new website:

“Over the last few years we have seen a renaissance in Irish whiskey across the globe. We are growing McConnell’s Irish Whisky across the world and continue to take the brand on a journey to new markets. With the ‘Belfast Born 1776’ trademark, we have helped raise the profile of McConnell’s with whisky lovers. Our new website will be an online home for those who want to know the McConnell’s story, find out where to buy it, and learn new ways to enjoy drinking our great whisky.”

Darragh Neely at Darragh Neely Design, who was involved in the development of the brand’s new look, added:

“We’ve been on quite a journey with McConnell’s over the last few months. Like any branding project done properly it’s about getting into the very DNA, the essence, of that brand. McConnell’s has real honest history and a heritage like no other whisky here. It came from Belfast and we wanted to make sure it stayed firmly rooted in these streets. The updated branding and tone secures it’s position on this island and will help it travel even further. We’re very happy with the direction now and excited for our continued collaboration with such a passionate, driven team.”

Sarah concluded: “With this latest move by the team at Belfast Distillery Company, we maintain our Belfast heritage, and look forward to the continued success of McConnell’s Irish Whisky.’

Visit the new website at


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