Whiskey Talk 2U

Welcome to my site, where I share articles, press releases, launch reports, product reviews and random thoughts on all things whiskey related. While the main focus is on Irish whiskey I will sometimes feature Scotch and other interesting releases.

“Quality amber liquid sharing, wither its sharing thoughts or tastes, is a noble pursuit…”

I will have particular focus on whiskey launches, whiskey collecting and the wonderful world of tasting whiskey. I want to explore whiskey tasting in all its facets. From developing  the technique and widening our vocabulary of descriptors to learning the key smells and taste profiles of particular styles and regions.  I enjoy discussing the component aspect of individual whiskeys and whiskies. 

I always welcome your input and comments, Followers are VERY welcome!

Please note some products featured on this site may be  provided free of charge, it is my commitment  that any commentary and opinion expressed by me will be completely free of influence. I may also feature other contributors from time to time and will endeavor to credit their contributions at all times, however I always welcome any clarifications should we err.