Whiskey Tasting

Whiskey Tasting – Quick Thought Blogs – 2019

During 2019 we will be posting quick thoughts on a regular basis, all about whiskey appreciation, about whiskey tasting, learning how we can develop a better nose and palate. The blogs will also be about trying to identify signature flavours for different styles and types of whiskeys, How different whiskey with common themes might exhibit similar flavour notes? Can we learn to recognize and name these signature flavours better?

The biggest single passion of mine is the ongoing development of ones nose and palate and discovering ways of broadening ones whiskey tasting experiences. Also finding ways of improving flavour recognition and increasing the number and range of descriptors used to identify all the myriad of fabulous aromas and taste notes within each glass.

We will also be interested in the variety of tasting, sipping and drinking experiences brought about by the use of different types, styles and sizes of glasses. Drinking vessels and other tasting topics will definitely be focused on in these quick thoughts blogs.

I hope you will find them useful and would love to get your involvement and thoughts so please feel free to comment back to me..