Whiskey Review – Walsh Whiskey Single Malt Marsala Finish.


5th July 2019

For this whiskey review I am exploring a sent sample for a new release from one of my favourite companies – Walsh Whiskey.

Walsh Whiskey under Bernard Walsh’s stewardship release consistently great whiskeys. With a superb source, well designed releases and quality finishing Walsh has brought us a number of winners like the entry level Founders Reserve and the internationally recognised Writers Tears. Also yearly releases of Cask Strength Writers tears…


This marsala release is not Walsh’s first foray into this area having previously released The Irishman Founders Reserve Marsala finish….


…and the fantastic 12 year old Single Malt marsala limited release….


This release is exclusive to The Irish Whiskey Collection at The Loop in Dublin and Cork airport.  Details as follows.


Non- chill filtered, Single Malt is finished for 15 months in marsala hogshead casks from Sicily.

ABV: 46%

PRICE: 85 Euro (duty free 72euro)


Light honey colour with good adhesion.


Rich, complex with intense honeyed bouquet. The official notes use the word sophisticated and that fits well for this nose. It has the quality spirit aromas that mark out the signature Walsh whiskeys. The dense floral notes combined with the rich honey and sweet marsala soaked sultanas and mixed fruit promises a mouth filling experience.


Interesting while the nose promise of rich, sweet fortified fruit taste and mouth feel comes through fairly well,  the first impression is of more delicate notes of candy toffee and sweet cereal notes. There is very faint white fruit in the background. Balance is good, that honey is now lighter, the combination of great warm quality mouth filling spirit is balanced with more sweet sultanas, berries, toffee, a curious sweet spiced biscuit and faint, heavier treacle note.


Quite short for most of the flavours but balanced and the lingering, slightly dry sweet cereal note sings on for ages!.


This release is characteristic Walsh Whiskey quality spirit and maturation..

Traditionally the single malt release is my least favourite of the range but this  wins me over for the effect of 15 months of marsala effect. The rich sweet profile sits well with the malt backbone. At the price I would buy one but it’s not a steal.

Overall its another good one from Walsh Whiskey 👍


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