Whiskey Review -DLD Copper Alley

This is first in my Whiskey Review series which will review both new and previous releases (both sourced and produced liquid) from Irish distilleries and bottlers.

The plan is for short pieces focused on my personal view of what I experience with the whiskey. For anyone interested in the broader details, history, range or facts about the distillery there are many other sources to refer to. This series is simply about the liquid. The price point will feature also in my opinion on each bottle as I believe it matters.


So…. First up is the Copper Alley from The Dublin Liberties Distillery.


Single Malt 10 year old, 9 and 1/2 years in American Bourbon Oak and 6 months in 30 year old Oloroso Sherry barrels.

ABV: 46%

Price: circa 60 Euro


Bright golden brown with good coating and adhesion.


First impression is that it has good body and the age is impressive. The balance of aromas is good and I would have thought it spent longer than 6 months in sherry cask. (The age of the sherry barrels may account for that). The nose hints at quality liquid and thoughtful selection of both the maturation plan and timing of its bottling.

The nose gives rich creamy toffee, sweet nut chocolate, bright orange spice, some (slight) zesty citrus notes, lovley dark cherry, and ripe peach/apricot. The fine quality sherry notes underlie the whole aroma experience. Interesting, the expected vanilla influence, whilst present, is very much to the background

The nose suggests a composed flavour profile. The rich range of balanced aromas works well.



First impression is that the nose did not lie in terms of quality. Not quite as mouth filling as the nose hinted at but all the flavours and balance ring through. Key changes? Honey and spice comes through more than was apparent on the nose. The citrus notes translate to spice now. Some new notes of sweet red berries. Less rich toffee (more malty caramel toffee). Stronger vanilla notes now as well.

The balance and composition is again very much apparent and the outstanding feature of the overal experience.


The finish narrows to singular notes of nut spice and sherry. These two linger well with the other sweeter notes falling away quickly.

Right at the very end there is a nice salty caramel note.


🤔 Overall:

Impressed with the creation of this. It was put together well. At the price point it’s not a steal but very acceptable. I  would rate it positively for its balance, its milk chocolate/toffee notes,  sweet fruit notes and quality sherry maturation.  The rich aromas and creamy mouth feel are very good.

Definitely worth trying.


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